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Early Dental Care

Dental Caries is the most common childhood disease, even more common than asthma. Dental caries is caused by bacteria that are transmitted to children. It is advised by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics that all children have their first dental visit before the age of 1 . We always say the earlier the better just to get them used to being at the dentist. 

Tongue and Lip-tie release

Tongue-ties and lip-ties can sometimes get in the way of developing a healthy breastfeeding relationship with new babies, and as indicated for older children. Our consultations are in depth to correctly diagnose the problem and ensure it is the best solution for you and your child. If needed, frenectomy procedures at A Mother's Touch Pediatric Dentistry are made using a laser, which minimizes bleeding and swellingThere is very little aftercare and recovery is pretty quick. 


Your child's molars are especially vulnerable to tooth decay due to pits and grooves on the biting surface of their teeth. These areas allow food to stick to the tooth and make it harder to clean. A sealant is a tooth-colored resin material that is placed in the deep pits and grooves, helping to create a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned.


 Sometimes our teeth need a little help! ​We prefer to use tooth-colored resin fillings whenever possible. The bond between tooth and filling helps to prevent a recurrent cavity from forming and the filling is esthetically pleasing. 


If the cavity is large, or if a tooth is fractured a crown may be necessary.  The crown is just a silver cap on the tooth to make sure that no more cavities form on them.


If we see that a crown is not going to be enough we will extract the tooth. This is usually the last thing we would try and mostly done on baby teeth. If there is a permanent tooth we will always try our hardest to save the tooth and keep it healthy. 

Regular dental care 

We do cleanings and apply fluoride every 6 months. If your child has any specific need to get cleanings done more often we can work around that!

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